The Forest of Memories on Voice of Islam

Salmaan Nasser, Chief Vision Officer was honoured to have the opportunity to talk about The Forest of Memories on Voice of Islam Radio; the segment from 46 mins onwards

James Young, Director had the opportunity to talk to Voice of Islam, Drive Time show; the segment from 5 mins onwards

The Forest of Memories

The Forest of Memories is offering a free broadleaf tree to all 150,062* people whose death has been related to the Covid virus. These will be planted across the country at Nature Reserves, Community Spaces and Woodland Trust locations. But with the wider support of the project, The Forest of Memories aims is to offer a physical place, through a network of woodlands that people can visit; and with time can go and remember that individual, to spend time at the tree and offer prayers in nature.

The Forest of Memories is completely free and aims to offer a ‘life for a life’ with the planting of the tree but also archiving that personal digital memory and encapsulating it into the tree and forest landscape, but perhaps more importantly, as we enter a post-pandemic society, The Forest of Memories would like the site to offer a resource that helps people reflect, remember and to celebrate life.


To strength this symbol of reflection, The Forest of Memories wants also to allow memories and stories of that loved one to be available at that tree, should the family wish, the aim is to use technology and this archive to offer a personal, sympathetic and informative headstone to future generations, or even strangers, so they can understand exactly who they were in life through that Memory Tree.

To help bring all these pieces together The Forest of Memories have built, and continue to develop a website called, users are able, if they wish, to share memories, obituaries, prayers and thoughts of their loved one, while also requesting other friends and family to contribute to these shared memories through stories, pictures, videos, and other benefactions.

*Data Source: Total number of deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate as of the 20th April 2021 (

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