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We announced recently that The Forest of Memories was supporting Covid Memorial Day, a collective event of remembrance and hope for the future that is happening on 1st January 2021. Today we are outlining some more details on three specific ways that you can get involved. By only sparing 5 minutes of your time you can do something that will make a difference to…

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The world has done it – the pandemic is coming to an end! A vaccine is imminent, and we can visit our loved ones this Christmas. Soon things will all be back to normal and we can forget about this whole horrid affair! That is, of course, not true.

We can (and should) celebrate the hope for the future, but we all know that we have some way to go…

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Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle

The Forest of Memories is delighted to announce that Councillor Iftikhar ‘Ifti’ Chaudhri will become an ambassador of the Forest of Memories project, working to create an eco-network of Covid-19 Memorial Forests right across the UK. We believe this will become an extremely strong relationship that will help the Forest of Memories reach the goal of highlighting and remembering societal issues faced during this pandemic, as well as planting…

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Are we ready to address the emotional wellbeing of our society?

Over the last week we’ve seen news about the roll-out of a mass rapid testing trial in Liverpool, and news that a vaccine for Covid-19 was imminent. We should, understandably, celebrate the hope that these things might signify that the beginning of the end of this pandemic may be on the horizon.

But this week the UK also reached the grim milestone of 50,000 (official) covid-19 deaths. It made a…

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Remembrance is the main purpose of the Forests of Memories. We will plant, at a minimum, a tree for every life lost in the UK because of Covid-19. We have previously explained the overall plans for the Forest but today we can explain more detail on how loved ones lost will be remembered in the Forest by dedicating a tree for them, and what…

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This Pandemic has meant 10’s of thousands have had to cope with the early deaths of loved ones and 100’s of thousands left to deal with a long-term illness caused by ‘Long-Covid’. Millions have been impacted by fear, isolation, loneliness, the economic fallout of lockdowns, domestic abuse, addiction, and poverty.

With a national lock-down again in Wales, new lockdown tiers in Scotland, and increasing lockdowns across England, have we now…

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If you follow us you will know that we are growing a Forest of Memories to remember the loved ones lost because of Covid-19. A Forest created with love for those we have lost today, and built on themes of sustainability, accessibility, and education to benefit future generations.

You will also probably have picked up that the Forest of Memories has a duel purpose of…

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Where will the Forest of Memories be?

In the last few months, we have run a consultation process on views and ideas for the Forest of Memories, a forest that will remember the loved ones lost because of Covid19. One of the key things that we have gathered views (and have fielded many questions on) during the consultation period is a simple question “where will the Forest of Memories be?” Today we can give you an…

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As announced by Salmaan Nasser this week the initial consultation period for the Forest of Memories has ended and we are moving into the next stage. That next stage is one where we will bring the collective vision for the Forest of Memories into reality.

As we start this new exciting stage of the Forests development, we wanted to give our supporters a full update…

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On July 9th, 2020, the Covid-19 Memorial Forest Fund was launched with its first blog post. Since then we have embarked on a process to bring an idea to the public’s attention. That idea is one of planting a Forest in remembrance of the loved ones lost because of Covid-19.

Why we started the Covid-19 Memorial Forest project

You can trace the beginnings of…

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