Learning how to build a forest!

The Covid19 Memorial Forest Fund is currently making plans for the Memorial Forest location and design. We will be consulting our followers soon on their opinions so that they can have their say on what they would like to see the forest look like, and where they would ideally like it to be (so if you’ve not signed up as a supporter just yet do so here).

We’ve already been looking at many locations for the forest and getting ideas from other projects on approaches to planning the Covid19 Memorial Forest.  As part of this process, our Chief Vision Officer, Salmaan Nasser has been out and about with his son this week to visit Hartland Country Park, a new country park being built next to the new Hartland Village in Hampshire.

He went to assess the progress that has been made as it was started last year. It was great to see the scale and potential attractions being built and learn lessons that might be applied to the Covid19 Memorial Forest. Such as, the attractions it might have, how to plan the layout of a new nature reserve, and importantly the order in which to do things!

Hartland Country Park

“It was a valuable opportunity to see first hand, not only the fundamentals of landscaping in forestry but also how to incorporate sustainability and make a positive attraction for our visitors”

The hunt for suitable land has already started so please sign up for further updates and importantly be part of this exciting campaign.

Don’t forget to sign-up as a supporter to have your voice heard and please help spread the word!


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