n the 1st January 2021 at 7 pm we are encouraging everyone to light a candle and collectively (or privately) take a moment to pause and reflect on the year we have endured together. To remember those we have lost and all those who have suffered during this pandemic in a moment of remembrance.

‘Covid Memorial Day’ on January 1st is an idea that may, or may not, be followed by everyone.  But we don’t think that matters.  Even if only a few thousand people light a candle we see it as the start of an acceptance that we need a moment of collective national remembrance for all those who died during this pandemic.  To us the 1st January will be the beginning of a bigger campaign we want to start in getting a day allocated in 2020 as a national day of remembrance.  To do this we need to start building a coalition of different people and organisations who want to see this happen!

If you would like to support this campaign in any way please contact us.

How you can take part on the 1st January

Before the 1st January:

    • Make a commitment to take part
    • Tell everyone about it so we can all benefit collectively from taking part. Make at least one post on Social Media, more if you can! #CovidMemorialDay
    • If you have young children, get them to create a picture of a candle and put it in your window to show support

On the 1st January:

    • Light a candle at 7 p.m. on the 1st January
    • Spend a minute of reflection for those we have lost, and express hope for the year to come.
    • Make a commitment to support (in a way you are able to) the campaign for a full Covid Memorial Day in 2020

Click here to get images for Social Media Posts and Candles to colour.

Join in with this simple idea for the 1st January.  Collectively it will be an important shared action to remember all those we lost during this pandemic.  Please show your support for the bereaved and solidarity with all those whose lives have been impacted during this pandemic. This is long overdue and we can’t let this opportunity pass and be wasted.

Dedicate a Tree


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