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we can heal
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Forest Plans

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Learn more about the vision for The Forest Of Memories, find out how we can all help make this a reality.

About Us

and making it a reality


What was the driving force behind this campaign? What motivates the team and why will it be important for all of us to celebrate life?

Memory Trees

remembering more of life

Partnering with Memory-Trees.com to offer cutting edge technology, so to remember personal stories behind the tree using augmented reality 

Dedicate a Tree

And support the cause

In pledging to dedicate a tree in The Forest of Memories you will be supporting not only the planting of trees to celebrate and remember a life but also fighting the larger battle with climate change (no charges will be taken)

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It is extremely important to The Forest of Memories that the public is the voice, as it will be a space to collectively grieve, to celebrate and support for the general public in the United Kingdom.

The Forest of Memories

The Forest of Memories is a campaign to bring people together to support the planting of Memorial Forest. It will provide a way to help people remember those they have lost, specifically because of Covid19, and also to celebrate the strength of human spirit that our nation has shown when coming together in these times of trouble and grief to overcome adversity.

We believe that in planting a The Forest of Memories it will create a fitting and lasting tribute in a way that will also benefit future generations, be a space of remembrance and celebration, a space to be enjoy by all and combat climate change – the other great challenge of our time.


The Forest of Memories is for everybody; to support together as a nation, to celebrate life and give back to local communities and individuals who have been through so much.


Through consultation with the general public it was learnt that over 80% of people strongly supported The Forest of Memories.

As this will be for the people we would like to plant the forest with your help, as ambassadors, volenteers and contributing by donation.


Working closely with government, corporations and individuals to finance a cental plot of land that will accomodate 65,000 trees, a tree for the excess deaths in the UK during 2020.

What our supporters say

The Forest of Memories gains parliamentary support

The Forest of Memories are honoured and excited to announce that The Forest of Memories project has been given it’s first backing and support from Westminster. On Wednesday 16th December 2020 an Early Day Motion (EDM) was tabled in Parliament by Dr Lisa Cameron MP in...


Cherished Memories

Cherished Memories

Sensory recall predominantly comes from visual stimuli and when you hear the old adage of ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ you might perhaps forgive the focus of Memory-Trees.com on giving people that place to create their own digital archive; to...

Put on Hold – The year we paused

Put on Hold – The year we paused

On the 23rd of March 2021, we all collectively had the opportunity to pause, to reflect as part of a National Day. It allowed us a moment to remember and recall how life as we knew it was put on hold, how freedom that most of us were accustomed to was removed and...

Pledge a Tree

build stronger memories

The Forest of Memories is a public initiative that aims to offer a place of peace and tranquillity; allowing all those who might have lost someone during and because of Covid-19 but also those who would like to celebrate a moment of joy that they would like to collectively remember with family and friends.