the groveS of reflection

A journey into the stories of those past

What ARE the groveS of reflection?

The Groves of Reflection are important aspect of the Forest Plans for the Forest of Memories. They will be designed to help Forest visitors to remember all those impacted by Covid-19

The Groves are designed with an educational theme so that future generations have ways to engage and learn about these important humanity subjects.

A multi Levelled Experience

A lighter Level

On one level visitors walking through the Forest of Memories will take a relaxing walk viewing sculpture and enjoying the Forest.
Along the way, there will be plaques of remembrance where trees have been dedicated to loved ones.

A deeper Level

On a deeper level, if visitors choose this, the journey will help people engage and reflect on life’s journey and the challenges people faced during the pandemic. The key purpose is to help people address bereavement through remembrance as the final grove of Love & Loss is reached. The end of the journey at the grove of ‘Love & Loss’ will symbolise the termination point of life.

Groves of Reflection Themes

To help communicate the right messages and highlight the issues in each theme, each of the Grove will have a selected charity as a partner who is relevant to the Grove’s theme. Each Grove will also contain a sculpture or Art installation on the Groves theme and be planted with a forest garden for visitors to sit and contemplate, or just to enjoy the space in tranquillity.

“The end of our lives, and those of our loved ones, is inevitable. We must accept the transient nature of our existence and that we are each just a flicker of a flame in the history of our world. We love and are loved, but our lives soon end. We are left only as memories. We live on through others only until memories of us are no longer recalled, and our name is spoken one final time.”

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