e are growing a Forest of Memories to remember the loved ones lost because of Covid-19. A Forest created with love for those we have lost today, and built on principles of sustainability, accessibility, and education to benefit future generations. All these things will be supported by the use of new technology, whilst still maintaining peace and tranquillity within a Forest environment.

The Forest of Memories will be planted in remembrance of all the loved ones lost. But, it will also be in acknowledgement of the ordinary people who continue to overcome adversity and personal challenges during the pandemic. Challenges of loneliness, mental health, and much more were all existing (and sometimes hidden) issues, but these (and many more) have all been highlighted during this pandemic.
We believe that by growing a Forest of Memories we can benefit people into the future. It is our sincere hope that we can create whatever positive outcomes we can from the personal struggles and losses in these tragic times.

Forest Themes

We are growing forests of remembrance created from love for those lost today because of Covid-19, and in ways that create a lasting legacy to benefit future generations.  To guide us, the Forest of Memories will work towards achieving four core themes in the Forest’s design.


Memory Trees

Memory-Trees are a new concept unique to the Forest of Memories. They will connect digital memories with physical trees.

The bereaved will be able to curate and share digital memories of their loved ones. These will be attached to specific trees and locations. Memories that will never fade, and memories that will always be connected to special places to visit and cherish.


Groves of Reflection

Themed on humanitarian issues highlighted during the pandemic, the groves-of-reflection will contain forest gardens and sculptures. These will be places for visitors to pause, sit, and reflect on our human journey of life in peace and tranquillity.

If they choose, visitors will also be able to interact with sculptures using a smartphone App to access information on the groves theme, this will be enhanced with augmented reality.



It is 2020 and we live in a digital world where technology should be used to benefit everyone.

To reflect this the Forest Themes will be supported by the use of new innovative technology to aid remembrance, accessibility, and education.

We will be publishing more details on how this technology will work very soon.



Our followers have told us that it is important that they can visit the trees that they dedicate to the loved ones they have lost.

To ensure that trees that are dedicated to a loved one are within a reasonable distance for people, it is planned therefore that a network of Forests of Memories will be established around the UK.