More than one Forest of Memories:

consultation period was conducted at the start of the Forest of Memories project to help develop the Forest plans. One thing people wanted was a forest of remembrance that was in reasonable travel distance of them to visit trees they may have dedicated to their loved one.

To achieve that, a network of Forest of memories are planned around the UK. Each Forest will be created on the same principles of remembrance, sustainability, accessibility and education.

The first forest is planned to be planted in Runnymede, Surrey and will open in 2021 to coincide with when (it is hoped) the UK will be starting our journey into a post-pandemic world. The opening of the first Forest of memories we believe can be symbolic step on that journey. The specific locations for the other forests is still under review and we are, right now, searching for suitable land. So, if you have a land available for a Forest of Memory, contact us today.

Landowners – You don’t have to wait for us to contact you!

If you are a landowner reading this, or you know someone who could help us, then do not wait for us to contact you to discuss using your land. Contact us today and let’s have a chat about the land you could offer, and how we can benefit you!

Please call the land committee 0300 365 1003 or complete the form below