Make a positive change in the world

The Forest or Memories is an initiative of national importance that will support people in need today, and leave a lasting legacy to benefit future generations. We can’t achieve that vision alone. Success will require uniting people from charities and business so that together we can make a positive change that will support the recovery of the emotional and mental wellbeing of our society.

The first Forest of Memories will open in 2021 to coincide with the expected recovery from this pandemic – only 6 business sponsorship packages are available for that opening.  Sponsors need to be in place by the start of January 2021.

The time to act is now!

At this exact moment in time, there is an opportunity to act, to remember the loved ones lost, to support the bereaved, and demonstrate our compassion towards those whose lives have been impacted because of Covid-19.  This opportunity will be gone and wasted if we do not grasp it today!

If you are the decision-maker in a business who can help, please contact us today.  Equally, if you can influence a decision-maker in your business, speak to them today and let them know the Forest of Memories urgently needs their help – please do this without delay.

How you can help

Sponsor a forest

Make a donation to the Forest of Memories

What we can offer businesses

    • A great warm and fuzzy feeling of doing something good for the world as part of your corporate responsibility.
    • Use of the Forest of Memories name and logo in promoting your support of this community project What a great news story for your employees, shareholders, and customers!
    • Brand promotion as part of an international Sculpture competition.
    • The Forest of Memories promoting your business on Social Media (with reach guarantees).
    • Your brand will be promoted on an ongoing basis to visitors of the Forest of Memories – both through physical signage and digital branding on a visitors App and website.

Remember, only limited sponsorship packages are available for the Forest of Memories launch in 2021, so Contact us todayComplete the contact form to send us a message, or call us on 0300 365 1003.

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