he Forest of Memories want help from businesses with kind hearts, a conscience, and some cash available for good causes.


We know times are difficult, but then again how much more difficult are these times for the people who have lost a loved one.  The Forest of Memories is being grown in remembrance of their loved ones.  Help us, so we can help them.

What help can you give?

It’s simple.  We need three things, your public support, plus donations, and/or sponsorship.

If you are the person in a business who can help us with any of these, please contact us today.  Equally, if you can influence a decision maker in your business, speak to them today and let them know the Forest of Memories needs their help without delay.

What can you expect in return?

The Forest of Memories has created a range of donation and sponsorship packages for business supporters.  We need your help but we also think it’s the least we can do to ensure you also get something back from giving us your support.

We can offer:

  1. A great warm and fuzzy feeling of doing something good for the world. You can’t put a value on that…  But, more tangibly we can also offer…
  2. Use of the Forest of Memories name and logo in promoting your support of this community project that benefits those bereaved because of Covid-19, the environment, disabled groups, and education of the next generation.  What a great news story for your employees, shareholders, customers, and potential customers!
  3. The Forest of Memories can promote your business to our own audience through a blog, newsletter, and on our website.
  4. We can maximise reach for our partnership through added promotion to audiences across Social Media with co-branded advertising as part of the packages we offer.
  5. Through sponsorship, you could be promoted on an ongoing basis to visitors of the Forest of Memories for years to come – both through physical signage and digital branding.

With your support, we will plant a Forest of Memories that your company can be proud to be associated with. Contact us today to discuss how your support as a business can make a real difference.