aking a social media post (#CovidMemorialDay) is a great way to spread the word about Covid Memorial Day.  Equally, if you have small children, get them to colour in or draw a candle picture and put it in your window to show support. To help you with both of these things we’ve put together some images to use in posts and for colouring. You can of course also do you own but feel free to use anything you want from this page.

Let’s get going with activity so we can all help make Covid Memorial Day a success and support all those in need in our nation!

Download instructions

There are two ways you can download the images:

  1. Click on the ‘Download’ image below to download zip files containing the images. The Zip file should download automatically.
  2. To download individual images from the galleries below, click on the image you want to open it.  Right-click on the image (for PC), or press and hold (on a mobile/tablet), and select ‘Save as…’  ‘Download’ etc as appropriate for the device and operating system you are using. You can then select the location to save the image to so you can use it as needed.
Download Zip Files



Twitter Post images:

Facebook / Instagram Post images:

Candle pictures to colour: