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Together the Charity Walk for Peace and The Forest of Memories aims to make a real difference, and all it takes is a stroll.

This year marks not only the 36th anniversary of the Charity Walk for Peace, but it will also mark a historic point in all of our lives where together we lost so much. Loss of freedom; through isolation and being removed from faith and the physical world, Loss of money; with unemployment reaching the highest point ever and most importantly for the millions of people, friends and communities who lost a loved one to this pandemic.

Who will the Walk help?

As always the Charity Walk for Peace has selected a number of charities and beneficiaries where the donations will go. This year in particular there was a focus on assisting those charities whose aim is to support those families affected by Covid-19.

The Forest of Memories are one of the lucky groups who have been selected for the work we are doing to remember those loved ones lost during the pandemic, but also highlighting the social impact we are looking to achieve in celebrate our lives and bring communities together to recovery as one.

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The Charity Walk for Peace

Walk for Peace was established in 1985 and managed by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association as a way to raise much-needed funds for hundreds of charity organisations.

To date, the Charity has raised over £5.2 million and distributed 100% of this to over 590 UK registered charities, including the most recent walk that took place in 2019 in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, where fundraisers were able to raise an amazing £1,035,000


Charity Walk for Peace across the UK

On the 19th of September 2021, the Charity Walk for Peace will be a little different from previous years, where usually thousands of people would come from around the country to participate in a walk at a single location in the aid to raise money in the name of great causes.

Click on the map below to show walks around the country.

Covid19 Support

Yet again Covid restrictions have caused a change, and as such to keep walkers safe this year’s charity walk will be kept local (see map above), with one main site that will be streaming live walks from the other areas and show the amazing efforts that are happening around you.

Walk for Change

The main Charity Walk for Peace event will take place in association with the Mayor of Merton, at Morden Park, opposite the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden, the largest purpose-built mosque in Western Europe and home to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

This spectacular event welcomes all under the motto ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ and aims to not only support charities but also strengthen relationships with communities, MPs, Mayors and local residents of any age.

All are welcome to walk and take part in the day, which will bring amazing food, fun activities for the children and the chance to make a difference and support causes for change.