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The Forest Of Memories Discussed on Radio Woking

A short conversation with Jon Andrews on Radio Woking


The Forest of Memories on Voice of Islam

Salmaan Nasser, Chief Vision Officer was honoured to have the opportunity to talk about The Forest of Memories on Voice of Islam Radio; the segment …


The Forest of Memories on ITV News

Memorial forest for Covid-19 victims opens Video report from The Forest of memories on ITV News reporter Richard Pallot Hundreds of yellow ribbons have been …


Memory-Trees for every life lost in this Pandemic

The Forest of Memories has announced previously that a central principle of The Forest of Memories project is to plant a tree for every life …


The Forest of Memories gains parliamentary support

The Forest of Memories are honoured and excited to announce that The Forest of Memories project has been given it’s first backing and support from …


PRESS RELEASE – Covid Memorial Day

2 September, 2020 (no embargo) Nationwide vigils to mark six months since first Briton died of UK COVID Exactly six months since the BBC reported …


Covid Memorial Day 5th September 2020 Replay

At 5pm on Saturday 5th September 2020, 6 months on from when the first reported death from Covid19 was reported, a remembrance service was held …


Our Heroes Community Interest Company launches The Covid19 Memorial Forest Fund

We are calling on all those who believe in this vision to come and support us and help us with our journey. Please follow us on social media, share our vision with world and where possible please donate to the cause so we might make this a reality.