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Picnics & Reflection Event 14th August 2021

Come Together and to Share  What is the Picnics & Reflection?   It is pretty simple, bring back the pastime of the picnic. To allow the opportunity for us as individuals, who have …


Should football be allowed home?

As England celebrates semi-final victory over Denmark at the Euro 2020 football it seems the country is becoming increasingly more divided about football ‘coming home’! …

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Join Thank You Day

Our nation’s first national ‘Thank You Day’ is on Sunday 4th of July 2021. It’s all about saying a massive thank you to those in our communities who’ve helped us throughout the pandemic and beyond.   …


Cherished Memories

Sensory recall predominantly comes from visual stimuli and when you hear the old adage of ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ you might perhaps forgive …


Put on Hold – The year we paused

On the 23rd of March 2021, we all collectively had the opportunity to pause, to reflect as part of a National Day. It allowed us a …


Sharing Stories

In a time of information, where anything and anyone is literally at our fingertips it seems strange that in telling a story you don’t have …


2021 brings time to remember

The start of 2020 has definitely crept in, no large celebrations, virtual gatherings and closely followed by a continued lockdown. If you are anything like …


Memory-Trees for every life lost in this Pandemic

The Forest of Memories has announced previously that a central principle of The Forest of Memories project is to plant a tree for every life …


The Forest of Memories gains parliamentary support

The Forest of Memories are honoured and excited to announce that The Forest of Memories project has been given it’s first backing and support from …


Lighting a candle in memory

The Forest of Memories is encouraging people to light a candle and to spend a simple moment of reflection on the year we have endured, think about …

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Where will the Forest of Memories be?

In the last few months, we have run a consultation process on views and ideas for the Forest of Memories, a forest that will remember …

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New name, new beginnings, for the Forest of Memories

On July 9th, 2020, the Covid-19 Memorial Forest Fund was launched with its first blog post. Since then we have embarked on a process to …


Covid Memorial Day 5th September 2020 Replay

At 5pm on Saturday 5th September 2020, 6 months on from when the first reported death from Covid19 was reported, a remembrance service was held …


Covid Memorial Day – 5th Sept 2020

Like clap for carers, Covid Memorial Day is an idea – not an organisation or a campaign. It originated with journalist Stefan Simanowitz and friends …


The results are in, do people want a Covid-19 Memorial Forest?

In the last month we’ve put an idea out on Social Media about planting a Covid-19 Memorial Forest. If there was enough support, we said, …


How to plant a forest without money!

We are a little over three weeks into the project to plant a Covid19 Memorial Forest, but gosh it does seem much, much longer. So much progress has been made in such a short time. Back in May when we first started kicking ideas around about this project it was hard to imagine we would reach this point. We had no money for the project, and planting a Forest wasn’t even in our minds. So how did we get here, and where exactly is here anyway?

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Learning how to build a forest!

The Covid19 Memorial Forest Fund is currently making plans for the Memorial Forest location and design. We will be consulting our followers soon on their …


Our Heroes Community Interest Company launches The Covid19 Memorial Forest Fund

We are calling on all those who believe in this vision to come and support us and help us with our journey. Please follow us on social media, share our vision with world and where possible please donate to the cause so we might make this a reality.