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The Forest Of Memories Discussed on Radio Woking

A short conversation with Jon Andrews on Radio Woking Salmaan NasserHi. My name is Salman NASA. I’m the chief vision officer for the Forest of …


How to support Covid Memorial Day – Today!

We announced recently that The Forest of Memories was supporting Covid Memorial Day, a collective event of remembrance and hope for the future that is …


Addressing collective grief on International Covid Memorial Day

The world has done it – the pandemic is coming to an end! A vaccine is imminent, and we can visit our loved ones this …


It’s time to address our collective emotional wellbeing

Over the last week we’ve seen news about the roll-out of a mass rapid testing trial in Liverpool, and news that a vaccine for Covid-19 …


Should we end lockdowns for the sake of our Mental Wellbeing

This Pandemic has meant 10’s of thousands have had to cope with the early deaths of loved ones and 100’s of thousands left to deal …

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Is a death due to Covid-19 more important than any other death?

The Covid19 Memorial Forest Fund has been accused (by some on Social Media) of elevating COVID-19 deaths above other deaths. We are told that we …


Because of Covid-19… A personal Story by James Young

Like many others, 2020 started with the greatest of intentions, my positivity was high and I was looking forward to a new start with an …


Racism, Climate Change and Covid19 – All top of the agenda

For the past few months, it has been rare not to see racism, climate change, Covid19 or all three erupting through the news headlines. It …



The global COVID-19 Pandemic has been devastating for many peoples lives at a human level and thrown the world towards a global depression. But, we …


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