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The World's Forests: A Destructive Obsession Blogroll

The World’s Forests: A Destructive Obsession

We all know that we need to protect our planet and the resources it provides. However, some people are more aware than others of how …


The Five Stages of Grief

Whether you’re coping with the death of a loved one or dealing with a breakup, there’s no denying that emotions can be overwhelming and confusing. …

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Losing a loved one: How to find comfort after the loss

COPING WITH GRIEF AND LOSS Losing a loved one can be difficult, especially when the person is young or very close to you. The death …

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Faded Rainbows

As our nation recovers from the ordeals of the past year, we should all take a moment to reflect on how we have shown strength …


Supporting the National Day of Reflection

Since the first lockdown began in 2020, hundreds of thousands of people have died. Too many lives have been cut short and millions have been …


Tragic Milestone

If we cast our mind back 12 months I am sure you will remember we were being introduced to a new world of uncertainty, a …


Introducing Councillor Iftikhar Chaudhri, the new ambassador of The Forest of Memories

The Forest of Memories is delighted to announce that Councillor Iftikhar ‘Ifti’ Chaudhri will become an ambassador of the Forest of Memories project, working to …


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