Why grow a Forest?

Is it right that any nation should simply forget about a sudden tragic loss of 10’s of thousands of its people and the suffering and sacrifices of millions? We don’t think so.  That is why we are planting a tree in remembrance of every life lost in the UK because of Covid-19. A forest we believe will be a fitting tribute of remembrance.  It will also benefit future generations, help fight climate change, and support UK biodiversity.


Our Team

The Forest of Memories is a not-for-profit project run by ‘Our Heroes’ Community Interest Company (CIC). Our Heroes CIC’s mission is to create positive outcomes in the world through developing commercial enterprises that are humanitarian, ethical, and environmentally sustainable.

James Young
Chief Partnerships Officer

James is the one who creates strong partner relationships and ensures everyone achieves their desired outcomes. He makes us stronger than we would be working alone.

Salmaan Nasser
Chief Vision Officer

Salmaan is the one who started everything off for the Forest of Memories with a sincere desire to help people who had been bereaved during the pandemic. He creates the vision to inspire us.

Robert Streeter
Chief Growth Officer

Robert is the one who converts our shared desire to help people into defined strategies, designed solutions, and coordinated actions.  He steers us so we make the vision a reality.